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Top 10 Reasons
About Gearco
Gearco's Life-Trial
Life-trial is a life-time trial; not a 30, 60, or 90 day trial. This means you can use Gearco's 1st Gear system as long as you'd like.
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Top 10 Reasons to Use Gearco
1. Free Life-trial
Life-trial is a life-time trial; not a 30, 60, or 90 day trial. This means you can use Gearco's 1st Gear system as long as you'd like. When you have the need for additional services, use gcPoints to reduce your cost for gcApps and gcIntelligentTools. IntelligentTools are Pay as You Go PowerTools with additional advanced features. IntelligentTools provide advanced automation to replace manual tasks, calculations, and procedural processes. You may add additional gcPoints as single points, or in bulk, which reduce your cost up to 75% per App. For paid services such as Automatic and Overdrive, we bundle gcPoints with the selected service offering which can be redeemed for gcApps or other services. The higher the service level, the higher the bundle of gcPoints issued. Additional or bundled gcPoints are issued every month and will NOT rollover or accumulate if unused.
2. No Contracts
Hotelgears is based on a Pay as You Go model, which means you pay for what you use when you need it. Gearco defines Pay-as-You-Go (PayGo) as a cloud service subscription charged on a monthly or annual basis with no contracts. Various services may be activated or deactivated monthly as often as needed. Switching between subscriptions may result in additional fees.
3. No Software
For day-to-day operation of the hotel, you don't have to download, install, or upgrade any software because Hotelgears is "Software as a Service". Software as a Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment whereby a provider, Gearco, will license an application to you for use as a service on demand. SaaS is also often associated with a "pay-as-you-go" (PayGo) subscription licensing model. Learn more about SaaS from Wikipedia.
4. On Demand
Gearco is On Demand, meaning you can get an account, select a system, determine the right financial service level (even free), select some apps or powertools, and be up and running in no time. In addition to a startup assistance service, Gearco offers over a hundred Apps, PowerTools, IntelligentTools, and Reports all On Demand.
5. Flexible Platform
The Gearco Platform is compatible with all major operating systems and all major web browsers, and may be hosted in the cloud or on-premises providing you with the most flexibility in the market. Once you access the cloud, you get your choice of systems and apps to deploy within your company.
6. Distributed Model
Gearco is based on a Distributed Model (discontinued as of 2015) platform which means your information can be accessed from the Gearco cloud regardless of whether the system is hosted in the cloud or on-premises on site using the Gearco's Overdrive Appliance.
7. Granular Security: gcSecurePoint
Gearco provides industry-standard data center security protocols to protect your data including firewalls, network monitoring, etc. You can manage access and security permissions by assigning users to computer roles, network roles, user roles and business rules. Plus, our enhanced security model SecurePoint provides secure access protection by only allowing trusted computers or networks to access your information. This prevents unwanted computers and users from using Gearco's Cloud to access your information.
8. Cloud-based Property Management Systems Experience
We've been in the cloud-based property management systems business for over 15 years and are the leaders in Internet systems and data management for Management Companies. We can provide you with the best enforcement of company policy and business rules. How is that? Gearco does transactions for your users according to your rules in real-time thus removing the challanges of users having to remember policies while doing transactions.
9. Data Protection
Use the Manual service or Automatic service, and your data is redundantly stored in multiple physical locations as part of normal operation — all at no additional charge. Data is stored several times across multiple data centers upon creation and then actively replicated further in the event of unavailability. Use Overdrive and your data can be backed up locally at your hotel as often as 24 times per day along with a full daily backup. Plus, all financial data will be replicated to the Gearco cloud servers when the end-of-day process is performed.
10. Trust: Giving Back
Over the years, we've watched our competitors deceive customers into using weak management systems. Our response is to give back by offering you risk-free solutions, and we address this in several ways: Life-trial, No Contracts, Custom Apps Request, App-trials and Raw Data Access. If Gearco does not offer an App that you require, simply submit a Custom Apps Request. Our development team will review the request to determine if your request can be beneficial to other Gearco customers. If so, then only a small implementation fee will be assessed. If not, we will price a fixed fee to build and implement the App based on a clear scope design. If you find an App you would like to try, simply select the App as an App-trial and begin using it right away. Trial periods may vary based on the application type. Because on our PayGo method, you may stop using an App at anytime and there will be no futher charges to your account for the App. Finally, we give you access to download your financial data in raw format. This means you can get your data month by month to use as you need it, even if you decide to use another company.
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Top 10 Reasons
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